MAG SAFU fund –


This is a MAG SAFU fund recovery form. If you have lost control over your Stellar account and cannot recover it, please fill out the form to start the recovery process. Do not try to recover funds that do not belong to you! Any attempt to do so will be treated as a fraud!

First user needs to provide all the information about the loss – account address that has the funds user wants to recover, screenshots or any kind of information that can lead to proving the ownership prior to losing the access to the account. Next if we decide to continue with the recovering process (investigation may take up to 1 month), user needs to provide their passport information and current residency so we can sign an agreement that will put the user under legal obligation to retrieve the funds to MAG team in case they find their account seed after we have recovered their MAG from MAG SAFU fund. After signing the agreement, MAG will be held in escrow account for final investigation for up to 30 days before releasing it to the user. We reserve the right to reject any demand at any moment in the process and it will result in automatic refusal of the recovery process.

Upload Your files (screenshots or other proof) here :

By clicking Apply for SAFU fund recovery button you agree to our terms that are presented on this page.