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Are You a Creator?

We kindly welcome you to be part of our community and create the opportunities yourself! If you have a blog or you are writing for one and you feel like you gravitated towards us for purpose, then make the effort and create something that will expose our vision to the world. You can also film a vlog, go to crypto related events to give out our flyers or even create a song about it - there is no limit when it comes to creativity. Take your time and pick your tools. Join our social channels and meet up with other MAG users that want to build a better tomorrow and get creative! Now is the time!

If you have something ready, make sure to let us know so we can share the content through our channels and give you a little bonus. Magnet team reserves a right to ignore any malicious or lazy content when making decisions how to reward the effort.


We invite you to be part of MAG online community and create pull requests on our GitHub. Your effort will be appreciated by the community members and active users will have our team support to aid them on their journey. Lets grow together!

Main meeting place for MAG community is our Discord channel    JOIN