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Magnet is a development-heavy cryptocurrency based upon the core ideas of transparency, accessibility, equality, and fairness. We’re growing towards becoming a transparent and accessible payment option for users to exchange value safely because that’s a problem frequently faced in today’s digital world.

We’d love to provide the best possible solution, and we think we’re well on our way. Growing through sustained development, we strongly focus on community. Our network has been built to harness the full power of blockchain technology and drive forward with new, innovative ideas which fully explore the opportunities blockchain presents.

We are e-commerce oriented. Allowing you to accept direct, wallet-to-wallet payments online, Magnet Merchant Tools is designed to provide the least possible amount of friction for users and merchants, and it’s our answer to the traditional payment setbacks that have stunted e-commerce growth.

We have designed the Magnetwork so that all users can benefit from supporting and using it. Instead of focusing on one agenda, our interest goes across the spectrum and the end product is rather an ecosystem than a single ultimate feature that would revolutionize everything. User experience and providing tools for better handling of their assets is often the main goal we set to achieve.

Along with the intrinsic value of Magnet – our team will grow as Magnet moves along the roadmap. Besides providing around the clock support on social channels, we are also busy working on the backend, wires, and front-end to bring Magnet along with a dedicated set of tools and infrastructure.


Meet The Team

Magnet is an international effort - currently our headquarters are located in Estonia and Korea. We are always open for expansion, collaboration and business proposals, while recruiting globally for members with a passion for blockchain technology.

Janno “R0land” Vainikk

Core Developer / Founder


Core Developer


Community Support


Content Manager


Social Manager / Community Support

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