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Below is a short guide that you can follow to update your wallet for the upcoming fork.

Please note that the first time you will start this wallet it will take longer than usual to load as it needs to gather meta data since genesis block for masternodes, be patient.

Alternatively, to speed up the process, you can download the bootstrap files here.

For any specific assistance and live help please join our Discord group.

To learn more about the fork, please check out this link which explains in detail the changes.

Windows Wallet

  • Close your wallet GUI if it is already opened.
  • Download the new wallet from this link: http://magnetwork.io/Wallets/magnet-qt-WIN.zip
  • Extract the archive content to the same location as previous installation (override).
  • Restart your wallet (magnet-qt.exe)
  • Go to Help > About Magnet and check that version is v1.4.2.0-61403

That’s it, you are now ready for the upcoming fork at block height 225000.

Linux Wallet VPS

  • Login to your VPS and type the following commands (one line at a time)
cd magnet
./magnetd stop
wget https://magnetwork.io/Wallets/magnet-qt-LINUX.tar.gz
tar -xvzf magnet-qt-LINUX.tar.gz
chmod +x magnetd

To verify that the correct version is now running, type the following command.

./magnetd getinfo

Make sure that the information prints version v1.4.2.0-61403

That’s it, you are now ready for the upcoming fork at block height 225000.

Mac OS Wallet

  • Download and update the package for version 1.4.2 (http://magnetwork.io/Wallets/Magnet-Qt.pkg).
  • Verify that the new version is running in Magnet-Qt > About Magnet-Qt menu. Check that version is v1.4.2.0-61403.

Additional Resources

Thanks to Aziz (Discord member) who wrote a script to automate update on VPS (for those who compiled from source).

wget https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/387325794290106368/408125570077949963/upgrade.sh
chmod +x upgrade.sh