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Magnetize Your Website: Magnet Merchant Tools

As we are currently approaching the beta release of Merchant Tools for Magnet, I wanted to share a bit more details about the initial features we have been cooking up.

Third Fork Report: An Image Is Worth a Thousand Words

It has now been a week since our third hard fork introduced truly decentralized payment enforcement to the MAG network and we can now confirm its success. We have passed

Hard Fork – Wallet Update Guide

Below is a short guide that you can follow to update your wallet for the upcoming fork. Please note that the first time you will start this wallet it will

Masternodes, Miners and Decentralization – Upcoming Fork

In this article, I introduce in details all the changes for the upcoming fork and explain our initiatives and deeper intent with decentralization. Miners – Love and Hate Story Miners

Masternode Rewards in Question

In this article, I wanted to clarify important and recurring questions about masternodes and rewards while introducing an upcoming service which we hope will satisfy a broad range of magnet

We are live on Google Play!

The MN Manager app has now been released in Beta for Android, the current version provides the same functionalities as the online check tool for masternodes. You can search and

Developer Diaries – From The Trenches!

January has been so busy, it clearly set the pace and gave us a taste of what’s coming for 2018. Needless to say, we are ready for it! It already

Greedy Bastards and [MAG] UPDATED

  26.01.2018   Roland   Developer   No comments

There is hundreds of new coins coming on the market daily. New ideas, concepts and networks arise from the minds of few who are willing to push the tech and

Upcoming Fork – Impact And Guidelines (updated)

  Here is a quick rundown on what a fork implies: What is a hard fork? A hard fork is the result of a change in consensus rules (e.g. these

Wallet And Masternode Security Guidelines

Due to recent events within our community, it seems sensible to remind investors and users that they must remain careful and vigilant with security protocols when dealing with their cryptocurrency