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There is hundreds of new coins coming on the market daily. New ideas, concepts and networks arise from the minds of few who are willing to push the tech and focus on something that is out of the frame. In the frame, we can easily see that main focus point has shifted to earning. Every last man is out there to get theirs and not shy about it. We saw this mentality in action, when we found out, through help of our community, that two public pools (https://www.starpool.biz/site/mining and https://x11.granatgas-pool.info/site/block?id=1976) were using a method of secluding the Masternodes from their miners so they can keep 200 MAG blockrewards without giving 50% to the rightful owners – Masternodes. We dug out their wallets and estimated damage to the Masternodes is 3-10% fees not paid during 2 month period. We are going to make this non sharing option obsolete with a upcoming hard fork. ( Read more about it here – http://magnetwork.io/2018/01/26/upcoming-fork-impact-and-guidelines/ ) So yes, there is many angles to this puzzle that is starting a decentralized network.

UPDATE: Masternode fee problem is resolved and it was actually pool sourcecode (https://github.com/tpruvot/yiimp) last update that was producing the error. It is unclear to us why the pool owners did not report the problem when it occurred, but it is fixed now.

Yet another interesting problem that crossed our path is Maggie[MAG]. It is upcoming global social network that is based on blockchain tech. They have been developing it from 2016 and core idea seems to be matchmaking. Reading through their whitepaper made me realize that it is a decent project with interesting core ideas, but what concerns me is their attitude. We have been listed on coinmarketcap for 2-3 months now, but they still managed to list themselves with the same ticker. It is most likely lack of attention to detail on their part, but this does not mean they should not respect the crypto space where first on the spot is first served. It has been always like that. We contacted the Maggie team, but they never answered us. We will try again, but until proper conversation about this issue has been established, it is advised to use only the exchanges listed on our official website to avoid confusion.