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As we are celebrating $1 MAG milestone, I wish everyone a happy and healthy year for 2018!

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So let’s kick things off with Magnet Dev Blog and a little bit of overdue presentation and background.

Our small 3-man team cumulates decades of expertise in software development and design – including mobile platforms. I have personally spent a good chunk of my career (10+ years) developing real-time trading apps in the financial industry and have been running a mobile video game business for many years. I intend to continue leveraging that expertise with Magnet to produce the right tools while focusing on achieving the vision for the project.

Usability – It’s Time to Move On

We have been brainstorming extensively (It seems that’s what we do when not coding) on current usability issues with the wallet and reckon there are several issues that cannot be ignored.

Like many crypto wallets, the Magnet GUI was built using the cross-platform QT framework. QT has been around for a long time and offers many advantages but it is also an old technology that does not necessarily translate into the best user experiences (UX) especially on modern, touch enabled devices.

Refactoring the wallet to use a modern cross-platform stack is also part of the work I will be committed to do in the coming months.

Antivirus – It’s Time to Be Trusted

Admittedly, that Antivirus false-positive issue (wallet being detected as Virus/Trojan) has been an annoyance to everyone and did not help stop some rumors so if in doubt still please reach out.

Technically on this specific issue, it is mainly due to the way we build the Windows Wallet as it is a cross-compile with the GNU Compiler (GCC) from Linux. Many Trojans may be compiled this way and share a similar signature which Antivirus heuristic fails to identify as non-malicious.

One solution would be to use a Windows dedicated compiler / toolchain but this may require additional code changes. As we try to consolidate our codebase with a focus on new development we have opted for an alternative solution: code-signing the executable. Expect this to be rolled out this month too.

Magnet – It’s Time to Grow

Looking back, the end of 2017 has been very busy and exciting, yet the best is now and ahead! Along with the intrinsic value of Magnet – the team will grow as Magnet moves along the roadmap.

Besides providing around the clock support on social channels (feel free to join now), we are also busy working on the backend, wires and front-end to bring Magnet to life along with a dedicated set of tools and infrastructure.

This month already, we are laying down the groundwork with the release of the Magnet Merchant Tools for the web and a full-featured, real-time Masternode Monitoring app for mobile.

Welcome to 2018 – It’s Magnet time!