It’s Alive!

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Growing to be interesting! This here will be our devblog where we will communicate our ideas more personal and unoffocial way.
For me its 04 am right now in the time of writing those lines. Hour ago Magnet price reached 1$ for the first time* and we are exactly 2 months old.

Network is strong right now with 556 masternodes holding up the price. January will bring a new exchange listing, usable merchant tools and probably a lot more exposure. I personally am very happy to say that this is way more better outcome for a starting point to develop on than we expected. Our community is grown to be warm and helpful towards eachother. From this place in time and space we will now start a journey towards a bigger consiounsness we all together will create. Knowledge will be our destination.

My sincere thanks goes out to all the community members who have shown lot of support towards out goals and vision! I wish You strenght to stay the same on our way..


* price has been 1$ once before due artifical rise because of exchange wallet maintenance.